Drop off and pickup procedures

  • The entrance to the camp is by the Flagpole doors at the Middle School.
  • Curbside drop off is the quickest and most traffic efficient way to drop off campers.
  • For those needing to come in, please use the accompanying map for parking.


  • Camp is open from 8:30 -3:00
  • Extended day is available till 5:00 p.m.„
  • If your child is staying till 5:00, sending in snacks is advisable


Our summer recreation program is set up much like a school day.

Students move around throughout the day with their group and get the opportunity to participate in a variety of exciting activities.

Activities vary per program and age group.

  • Two counselors will be stationed at the front door where they will check in every camper who enters the building.
  • Campers will then proceed to their assigned table where their group leader will sign them in
  • If campers want breakfast, they would be able to enjoy a hot or cold breakfast at this point

  • 8:30 – 9:15 breakfast – game room
  • 9:30 Announcements
  • 9:40 -10:40 – Outside activities
  • 10:40 – Pickup: Follow rest of regular daily activities

What to bring

  • Each day, please send your child to camp with the following:
  • Sneakers; Students will not be able to participate in certain events without proper footwear
  • A water bottle, sunblock and for our younger campers, a change of clothing.
  • BREAKFAST AND LUNCH is provided at no cost.

What not to bring

  • Electronic toys, games, iPods, iPads
  • No glass bottles


  • We will have a medical professional on-site throughout the day.
  • Students requiring first aid should inform their counselors right away so they may be taken to the first aid center.
  • Parents will be notified of any serious illnesses or injuries as per the professionals’ judgment.
  • Medical personnel should be notified ASAP of any medical concerns you have for your child.

Necessary Forms

  • The Department of Health requires an updated physical, from the current school year.
  • A filled-out medical form with current inoculations. You can submit the sheet directly from your doctor.
  • If your child needs an inhaler or to take medicine, we need the prescription from the doctor to be uploaded. You can acquire this from either your doctor or the school nurse.
  • Each camper needs their own set of forms